What is EFT and How is it Done? 

EFT is an energy psychology modality that involves tapping near the end points of energy meridians in the body. While tapping specific points around your face and upper torso, you focus your mind on the problem or thing you wish to change about yourself or your life. It is a mind-body approach which understands that the body is made up of energy systems, and that all the emotions we feel are energetic in nature, which may lead them to get 'stuck' in our bodies. By using tapping to shift energy throughout the body while we focus on our problem, we are allowing the issue to shift in both our mind and our body simultaneously. Tapping acupuncture points while talking also produces a calming effect on the body; it down-regulates the body's stress response thus allowing you to remain calm while talking about distressing issues.

You can read the research on EFT by clicking on the links below. There you will find that EFT has many additional benefits such as; reducing cortisol levels in the body, changing the expression of genes, changing the frequency of brain waves, and altering neural pathways in the brain. It is used across the globe to address many issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, weight loss, chronic pain, and performance enhancement. In addition to the research, the testimonials of how quickly and gently EFT has helped people make permanent changes to their lives are endless and inspiring!

Wendy is both a practitioner and client of the EFT method because she has personally experienced the rapid and lasting changes that using this modality can produce. Feel free to ask her about her life changing experiences with tapping during your free 20 minute phone consultation. 

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