Welcome to Tap Into Yourself,  individual therapy to create the lasting changes you desire!  

Do you ever find yourself in negative cycles of thought, emotion, or behavior? Do you wish you could think, feel, or act differently? Do you struggle with painful events from your past? Are these events still negatively affecting your everyday life? Do you wish to improve your mental health and overall well-being? If any of these questions apply to you, contact Wendy and learn how to create lasting change by tapping into the profound strength that already lies within you.

Wendy Maurice is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Nationally Certified/Internationally Accredited EFT Practitioner with over a decade of experience helping people transform their lives. Wendy has experience delivering many of the traditional modalities of psychotherapy and is happy to do so upon request. Her modality of choice is Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping. EFT is an energy psychology technique that powerfully combines talk therapy with the knowledge of ancient Chinese acupuncture to help clients quickly and safely create the lasting changes they desire in their lives. The reason Wendy chose this modality is its ethical focus on client safety and its ability to employ gentle techniques that keep clients feeling calm and safe while processing distressing events or issues.

You can read more about EFT/tapping on the About EFT page. If you have any questions about which modality may be right for you, please contact Wendy by using the form on the Contact page. 



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